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Becoming an Outstanding Languages Teacher (Becoming an Outstanding Teacher)

Becoming An Outstanding Languages Teacher

ISBN 10 : 9781351676403
ISBN 13 : 1351676407

Becoming an Outstanding Languages Teacher explores the skills that it takes to deliver exceptional language teaching and produce outstanding results. Offering support to all langua..

Becoming An Outstanding Primary School Teacher

ISBN 10 : 9781317644149
ISBN 13 : 131764414X

What is meant by outstanding teaching? What makes the best teachers stand out from the rest? How can I develop my own practice to become an outstanding teacher myself? Whether you ..

Becoming An Outstanding English Teacher

ISBN 10 : 9781317423768
ISBN 13 : 1317423763

Becoming an Outstanding English Teacher supports all English teachers in offering a wide range of approaches to teaching and learning that will stimulate and engage students in stu..

How To Be An Outstanding Primary School Teacher

ISBN 10 : 9781441158109
ISBN 13 : 1441158103

This book contains lots of easy-to-introduce activities and techniques that will propel satisfactory and good lessons into the outstanding category - not just when being observed, ..

The Language Teacher Toolkit

ISBN 10 : 1523214821
ISBN 13 : 9781523214822

"Strongly recommend the book: a must-have" "Chapeau! Already on our trainee reading list." "Absolutely loving this! Inspirational, practical, so sensible and backed up by research...

Going To Kindergarten

ISBN 10 : 0810845334
ISBN 13 : 9780810845336

Details observations throughout one school year in the classroom of an exemplary kindergarten teacher, often in the words of the teacher and her students...

The Lazy Teacher S Handbook

ISBN 10 : 9781845904098
ISBN 13 : 1845904095

Ever wondered what would happen if you stopped teaching in your lessons? You might be surprised. If you want your students to learn more and you to work less, then this book provid..

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